Dallas Stars Daily Links: F**king Free Agency - Or, Can The Stars Compete?

Between the core and The Rant, can they still attract high-end UFAs? Plus, more NHL Draft analysis, parsing the Niskanen-for-Gudas trade, and more.

The Dallas Stars had a pretty good season, right? They overcame some obstacles, got their skates under them, and took the eventual Stanley Cup champions to Game 7 in Round 2. That’s a positive sign of a team on the move, right? And therefore an attractive destination for a high-end free agent who’s looking to have it all for a few years...right?

Maybe not. In The Dallas Morning News, Josh Lile examines the current state of the Stars’ core – and where most of their salary is going. And he sees signs for concern:

Tyler Seguin is the youngest member of the core forwards and he’ll turn 28 in January. Jamie Benn is 30 in July, and has been entering his decline phase for a couple of seasons. Alexander Radulov is 33 in three weeks. Ben Bishop is 33 in November. A soon to be free agent has to be very confident this group is going to compete for a championship in the next two, maybe three, years.

That isn’t to say that the Stars have no young talent. John Klingberg is a year younger than Seguin. Both guys combined with Miro Heiskanen give you a very high level trio under 30 years old. If you, as a free agent, are signing up for five or more years, do you feel confident that a team currently dedicating so much of it’s present to Benn, Radulov, and Bishop will be at a championship level several years down the line?

And then there’s the Horses**t Hangover. Lile wonders aloud whether the very public, very intentional rant that got CEO Jim Lites smacked on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper by the NHL Players’ Association is worth the extra headache for a UFA with other options:

Ignoring the flimsy, at best, merits of his comments, potential free agents surely remember them. The NHLPA even released a statement condemning them....

...[A]s the body elected to represent the players we can safely assume this is how just about any of them would feel about being on the end of this targeted attack. No one on earth would openly want to deal with that in a vacuum that doesn’t include a paycheck with six or more zeros tacked on the end.

There’s more behind the paywall. [SportsDayDFW]

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