Dallas Stars Daily Links: Mike Ribeiro and James Neal Are Enjoying Nashville

Time to check in with some old friends wearing those ugly yellow sweaters. Also, Zack Kassian really wants to meet the famous Steve Ott, and Calgary defencemen get some props from lots of folks.

James Neal and Mike Ribeiro did not exactly leave Dallas amid a parade of grateful fans seeing them off to the train station at Petticoat Junction. But when both of these players were producing, it was something to see. Who will ever forget Neal's incredible forechecking or Ribeiro's sensational shootout aptitude? That is a rhetorical question.

When the Predators signed Ribeiro, he was seen as something of a reclamation project, having been recently bought out by Phoenix/Arizona as his former GM basically scribbled naughty pictures all over Ribeiro's hockey cards and passed them out during a school assembly. But in #63's short time in Nashville to date, things are going well. Like, really well: 3 goals, 3 assists, and a totally sustainable 33% shooting percentage (though Ribeiro usually has a pretty high one, you'll remember) in seven games. Not to mention the fact that the Preds are sitting atop the Central Division--only 2 points ahead of the, ahem, Dallas Stars. Yes, Ribeiro is feeling pretty all right right now:

"It's been great," the 34-year-old said Tuesday before facing his former teammates for the first time since his unceremonious departure. "Guys are supportive of me and the team, and it starts with the top of the organization and going down to the teammates. It's been great to come to the rink and work and really focus on my job."


"I know I'm a good person," Ribeiro said. "I always was a good person but like everyone, everyone has issues and a lot of us don't work with it and I had a chance to go work on myself and a lot of people should, too. So I'm really glad that it's out there, that I have teammates that know and they can help me with those problems. Every day it's a new day, and I take one day at a time." [Arizona Republic]

And as for the other former Star from Back in the Day, Neal is sitting at third on the team in points with 5 goals and...well, that's it, just five goals. I guess he never was much of a passer. But as a certain Left/Right winger in Washington will tell you, scoring the goals is most important thing, always.

As for homemaking, when he came to Nashville after being traded (much to his surprise, he says), Neal found a home this summer with, of all people, Rich Clune:

When Predators forward Mike Ribeiro thinks of scoring winger James Neal living with forward Rich Clune, it takes maybe half a second for him to compare them to a famous movie duo.

"Dumb and Dumber?" Ribeiro quipped.


"We’ve been doing a lot of cooking at home. Rich likes to eat real healthy, so it has been good. He has been taking good care of me," Neal said. "He has taken a liking to the city and embraced the city and he’s doing good things outside of hockey."

Overall this sort of routine was important for Neal. Not only did he have a better sense of the city, it lessened the blow of the deal. When he was traded, there were whispers and reports that Neal was not well liked in the Pittsburgh locker room, which bothered him – never mind the fact he was at a teammate’s wedding when the trade was announced. [Puck Daddy]

While some of us are still skeptical that Nashville's boat can stay afloat relying heavily on two pieces of Dallas sun-baked superglue and duct tape, there's one main factor that is really helping life in the Music City to be really great, just so, so great for them right now: Filip Forsberg, who is making a case that he can be the top center that Nashville needs to complement Shea Weber, Seth Jones and Pekka Rinne. And if Neal and Ribeiro get to enjoy something of a good-times rebirth while F.F. catapults to stardom? Well, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, would it? Of course it wouldn't be! So long as Dallas beats them in the playoffs.

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