Dallas Stars Daily Links: Julius Honka to the AHL?

There are indications that the Stars are seeking to send Honka to the AHL, which wasn't thought to be an option at first glance. Elsewhere, Vancouver is out of ammo and fixing bayonets, Columbus is going to end up paying Johansen in gold Krugerrands by the time the season starts, and Dany Heatle

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First of all, let's calm down and agree to a couple of things that we know are true:

1. Brenden Dillon is going to sign a contract with the Dallas Stars pretty soon.

2. Julius Honka is not going to be in the NHL to start the season, and most likely not at all this year. Probably.

3. Jim Nill and his team are dedicated to properly developing players in a way that will lead to lasting success for them and the team.

4. But Julius Honka is kind of awesome.

5. Yes, but that's not how this list works.

6. Seriously though, if Dillon doesn't sign and the Stars need--

7. Stop it. That's ridiculous, and it won't happen, and they are two very different defensemen anyway.

8. Yeah, right and left-handed.

9. You got me there.

Anyway, we know that the Stars need Brenden Dillon (a healthy one, which we haven't seen for a good long while). And while those negotiations continue to percolate, the Stars have another defensemen about whom talk is stirring up again.

For the latest installment in the Where in the World Will Julius Honka Play This Year? game, Mark Stepenski starts us off with this little tidbit:

Juniors may not be an option due to rules involving the IIHF which could restrict Honka going to Swift of the WHL, where he played last season. That would leave Texas and Europe as the possibilities and Texas appears to the be leading candidate

That's certainly a departure from Nill's comments after the draft:

He's possibly going to play next year in the men's league over in Finland. We are going to discuss that with him over the next couple days. That would be great for his development. He is going to play against men. He is going to realize how important it is to get stronger. It's a great league. It is really going to help his development. It will make him closer to making the American League in a couple of years and we'll see how he develops.

And all indications are that Honka is really pushing to play in the AHL this year for a couple of reasons, not least of all being that it would shorten his development timeline considerably, giving him an extended opportunity to prove his prowess against grown-ups rather than simply dashing all about the ice betwixt bedfuddled junior players. Training camp has shown that Honka is farther along than most people suspected, and the change in tone from making the AHL in "a couple off years" to possibly starting his Dallas tenure there speaks to his fantastic performance thus far.

As a reminder, this is all being brought about by IIHF rules preventing Honka's reassignment to Swift Current of the WHL. Let me point you back to our own Huw Wales and his astute assessment of this situation about three weeks ago.

Was Julius Honka signed to the Broncos? Was he on loan to them from JYP? This difference could be crucial when it comes to the CHL-NHL agreement. Players who are drafted from the CHL cannot play professional in North America, except in the NHL, until the year they turn 20 or after they have played four year in the CHL.

It would appear, however, that it's possible for players on loan from European clubs to the CHL could avoid this to a degree. It is a complicated loophole and one that hasn't been explored much.

Whether Honka is on loan to the Swift Current Broncos depends upon the terms of his contract with them. Unfortunately the terms don't appear to be public. Those terms would answer many of the questions about where he is eligible to play next year.


Why does this loophole matter? If they can successfully argue that he was on loan and abides by this loophole Julius Honka could play in Europe but, more interestingly, possibly in Cedar Park as well next season for the Texas Stars.

Given the increase in talk about the AHL being a realistic destination for Honka, it seems that the Stars may indeed be planning on contending that he was "on loan" to the Broncos (and the terms of his contract should make that contention a rather easily-resolved one). If the Stars do succeed in bringing Honka to Cedar Park, the message is clear: they want this player ready in the near future. Not this year, most likely, but soon. Much sooner than most of us thought in June.

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