Dallas Stars Daily Links: NBC Sports Joins the John Klingberg Posse

This train stops for no one, but it will slow down to collect the late jumpers. Plus, everyone is hyped over Star Wars, but not everyone feels the same way about 3-on-3 overtime.

Is John Klingberg a Norris Trophy candidate for real? Even with his sterling play for the Dallas Stars in the 2015-16 season so far, he can't possibly have the kind of national hockey-media attention that other, top-of-mind defenders enjoy, right? ...Right?

Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that the cavalry has arrived.

With Klinger outscoring most of the league's elite forwards and generally being a factor in every sector of the ice, James O'Brien of NBC Sports has declared that it's time for the stragglers to get on the bus. And in a piece entitled, "John Klingberg Can't Be Ignored, Especially After Saturday," he makes a daring comparison with an all-time Dallas sports legend (and not the one you think):

One needs to stretch to be pessimistic with Klingberg, and Dallas-area sports fans might get that familiar feeling, as maybe some will attribute his success to Benn and Seguin. It might not be far off from those decrying Emmitt Smith as a guy who merely benefited from a great offensive line.

As frustrating as that might be, the implication is that those people are likely jealous, and it's easy to see why.

You're not sick of miscellaneous Klingberg fanboying yet, are you? Of course you're not. [NBC Sports]


Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're not sick of the Klinglove, even when it involves a technical jersey foul.

The Klingbeast also made Frank Seravalli's #MondayMustRead yesterday. The Norris dream is alive, guys. [TSN]

The Stars have posted their Buffalo Sabres preview. Check out their scouting report, and don't forget the 6 p.m. Central start. [Dallas Stars]

If you're wondering where Patrick Eaves will play now that he's back from injury, let Lindy Ruff tell you. [Dallas Stars]

The coach also has praise for the youngsters heading back to Cedar Park, including Curtis McKenzie, who seems to have recovered quickly and well from an injury that could have been much, much worse.

The Stars may be playing out of town tonight, but there will still be fun to be had in the Victory Park area. The official watching party starts at 6 p.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe, 2211 North Houston Street. [Dallas Stars]

Meanwhile, Friday, Nov. 20 is Star Wars Night in Cedar Park, where the Texas Stars-Charlotte Checkers game will feature costumes, Bantha burgers, and a chance to bid on special Rebel Alliance warmup jerseys. DON'T FORGET IT.

Chris Wassel found some good surprises and bad ones as he took a look at how special teams have shaken out in the Western Conference so far this season. [Today's Slapshot]

Not everyone is a fan of 3-on-3 OT. Corey Masisak remembers when the shootout was supposed to make games more exciting and argues that the New Hotness is just another distraction from real issues. [The Sporting News]

Derek Stepan scored on Jonathan Bernier from the red line as the New York Rangers beat the Toronto Maple Leafs on Sunday night. As much as Bernier would like that one back, it doesn't even make the top five most embarrassing list, according to Ian Denomme. [The Hockey News]

John Tavares got two goals and Mikhail Grabovski got an upper-body injury in last night's New York Islanders victory over the Arizona Coyotes. [New York Newsday]

Meanwhile, Evgeni Malkin didn't mean the Pittsburgh Penguins were actually "mad" at each other, even though that's what he said. [NHL]

This seems like someone else's problem to Stars fans, but The League is Worried.

Sean McIndoe says a new crackdown on obstruction won't help with the issue, precisely because a crackdown worked so well in 2005. [ESPN]

And while the NHL dithers over how to increase scoring, the USHL is conducting an experiment in showcasing skills that has had the side effect of...wait for it...increasing scoring. [Sports Illustrated]

Kari Lehtonen celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday. The tweet practically writes itself. Happy birthday, Kari!

Finally: In case you missed it, this was what American Airlines Center looked like before the game on Saturday night.