Dallas Stars Daily Links: System Update 2.1

The Stars didn’t replace Jim Montgomery’s system last third period, but merely tweaked it. Plus, the Stars take on the Avalanche today, buy low and sell high fantasy candidates, and more.

The Dallas Stars’ third period performance against the Minnesota Wild this past Tuesday was unlike anything we’ve seen so far this season. In fact the Stars looked so different out on the ice that many wondered if they just tossed head coach Jim Montgomery’s system out the window during intermission.

In truth, the players and coaching staff maintain they simply made some adjustments to the system. Assistant coach Todd Nelson suggested some tweaks after spending the first two periods as an “eye in the sky,” but the Stars were already discussing possible changes the day before:

“The meeting, going back to Monday, we talked about everything,” Stars defenseman John Klingberg said. “We talked about what players can do, what coaches can do, what can we do in the system that can change momentum of the games? This is how that came up, and we tried it out and seems to be working.”

The first major change was a more aggressive forecheck to force more turnovers from the Wild. The second was changing the positioning of the highest forward (the F3) in the offensive zone, placing them further back to give them more time and space to find weaknesses in the Wild’s defense:

“It’s like a quarterback,” Jim Montgomery said. “Why does the quarterback go to the shotgun? Gives you more time to see everything. Well, it’s the same thing with our F3. The higher you are, the more you can see the holes.”

You can read more about the changes made from Matthew DeFranks here.

Stars Stories

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Moving on to November — tonight is the Stars’ first game against the Colorado Avalanche. Here’s what Montgomery has to say about the matchup:

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