Dallas Stars Daily Links: Spezza Opens Up About His Future

The veteran center will continue his NHL career, but it won’t be in Dallas. Plus, Esa Lindell signs an extension, the Bruins sweep the Carolina Hurricanes, and more.

For the first time in his lengthy career, Jason Spezza will hit July 1 as an unrestricted free agent.

Granted, there’s still a chance that he re-signs with the Dallas Stars, but it seems that both he and Stars management are on the same page — Spezza will continue his NHL career, but it won’t be in Dallas:

“I think Jason knows where he’s at in his career, we had a good discussion,’’ Stars GM Jim Nill told me on Wednesday. “He asked for my opinion and I said, `Jason, you still have that fire in your belly.’ ... Unfortunately, we’ve got some younger players coming in, and the salary cap, it was just kind of time,” Nill added. “But Jason is still a serviceable player that’s had a great career.’’

So where is the next stop for Spezza? A return to Ottawa is possible, but the veteran center will be sure to cast a wide net. Above all, he wants to join a team where he can serve as an important player:

“After being scratched a few times down the stretch this year, I also want to be somewhere where they want me,” Spezza said. “That’s probably the most important criteria, that I have a role and am able to use my strengths.’’

You can read more from Pierre Lebrun here.

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