Dallas Stars Daily Links: Breaking Down Team USA's Breakdown against Belarus

Was yesterday a setback for our expectations of Soupy, or was it more complicated than that, well duh, of course it was. Also, CapGeek may have a successor of sorts, and Ryan Suter played an awful lot of hockey this year

For Friday, I'd like to give you another wonderful li'l video to watch.

Now, this isn't wonderful in the usual way, because, well, bad things happen to the USA. Goals, specifically. But it's Friday, right? And we want to grow with Jack Campbell, not just criticize his every move. So let's grab some treats like these delicious blueberry almonds I have (get your own, I don't share) and watch what happened to America yesterday in their pretty fantastic collapse against a country that I thought only played Olympic gymnastics because I have poor judgment and am a huge stupid. Turns out Belarus is really good at hockey, or at least they were yesterday. Look:

I'll dish on what I saw in a sec, but maybe you would disagree. Go ahead and let us all know what this one, isolated game against Belarus means for Jack Campbell in the comments, because I print out every single one of those and read them before going to sleep at night. They are precious to me, although the .GIFs do lose something in a paper medium, not gonna lie.

Goal #1 - I'm not sure why you would want to let the other team's Gavrus camp behind your defense for about twelve minutes, but that appears to be the strategy here. Off-wing, coming in unchallenged, and he finds the far side. How many goalies stop that? Fewer than are starting in the NHL come October, that's for sure.

Goal #2 - Essentially a breakaway, and the move into the middle of the ice means the goalie has to look big and try to outguess/outwait the shooter. Campbell can't win this battle, and the breakaway is converted.

Goal #3 - Another "wait, how did this get so deliberately generated?" play into the USA zone at the end of a power play--the eventual goal-scorer had just come out of the box--and Campbell gets a piece of the initial shot (which was deflected or affected by the defenseman). Unfortunately, the rebound comes right back where it can't while the defenseman chooses to glide into the corner instead of staying with his man. The puck chose differently, and it's a dunk for Belarus guy.

Goal #4 - Pretty tough deflection here off Campbell's own defenseman during a penalty kill. That makes two friendly-fire goals in two games now, and Mr. Campbell would probably appreciate less of that. Sure, it'd be nice if he were psychic, but being on the penalty kill kind of necessitates a bit of anticipation by the goalie.

Goal #5 - Breakaway, five-hole. Goalies sometimes stop breakaways, but they sometimes do not. It would be nice to see Campbell make a statement here (or on the second goal) for sure. That did not happen, and that's how you end up with a five-spot for Belarus.

* * * * *

I haven't slept much lately, you guys. It's starting to wear on me. What are your nap secrets for a Friday afternoon? I need nap secrets.

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