Dallas Stars Daily Links: Gold for US women, Rob Ford, Dale Hansen, Kari Lehtonen, and Easter

So much happened on Saturday. Let's dive in.

Good Morning. I will be your quasi-official MC for this edition of the morning links on this Easter Sunday. Let's party.

Lebowski Dancing

We start with women's hockey. The United States beat Canada to win the women's World Championships yesterday. You likely didn't hear about it because Canada didn't win so the internet isn't full of posts mocking America, freedom, apple pie, and the light bulb. Finland won the bronze. [NHL]

You may recall that the American women had their hearts broken at the Olympics by Canada. This win will no doubt be minimized by fans of Canadian hockey because it isn't the Olympics, but it's still a very good win for the US women's program. Any time you knock off Canada in hockey it's going to feel good.


If you missed it, Jim Nill will be the General Manager of Team Canada at the World Championships.[The Score]

Montreal Canadiens legend Elmer Lach passed away. He was 57 days younger than the NHL itself.[Montreal Gazette]

Mike Heika took an open minded stab at the Kari Lehtonen question. Should the Stars stick with Kari or try to move in another direction? The question isn't as cut and dry as it is sometimes portrayed. There are a lot of ins and outs. A lot of what-have-yous.[Dallas Morning News]

Noted DFW sportscaster Dale Hansen was on Reddit, yes Reddit, last week doing an AMA. AMA, or Ask Me Anything, is basically a chat if you've never indulged. r/IAMA and r/AMA are two of my favorite places on the internet. You can ask a 95 year old German woman who lived through World War II questions or watch Gene Simmons of KISS talk down to people or even discuss anything in the world you want to with Johnny Weir. The Hansen one was very entertaining. Among the hits:




You should go read the rest of it. It's pretty awesome. [Reddit]

Former Toronto Mayor and current City Councillor Rob Ford has been appointed to the board of the Hockey Hall of Fame. If you aren't familiar with Rob Ford: read this. It will make the next Twitter joke make a lot more sense.


Canadians truly are nice people for continuing to find Rob Ford work. [CTV]

Some hack at WFAA wrote about Patrick Eaves looking back as his season and looking forward to his pending free agency. Sounds interesting right? Give WFAA cause for continuing to give said hack space on the internet by reading all about it. [WFAA]

Former Stars prospect Tyler Beskorowany made a pretty crazy save in the DEL playoffs in Germany.[Thanks Reddit]

Do you need a car? Would you like to win the car awarded to Alex Ovechkin at the 2015 NHL All Star game for being named the MVP? Well you can do that. It's being raffled by Raffle America to help the American Special Hockey Association. Here is more detail from the raffle listing:

Alex Ovechkin got that car after all. Honda presented Ovechkin with a giant key after the All-Star game. Except it wasn't actually for Ovi. Alex Ovechkin secured the 2015 Honda Accord for the American Special Hockey Association for kids with special needs. We can't thank Alex enough for all he has done to warm the hearts and put smiles on the faces of our special stars. Now you too can be a part of something so wonderful and heart felt. We are raffling off the 2015 Honda Accord Alex secured for us to help us continue to give people of all ages and abilities a chance to learn and grow by playing hockey. Our goal is to sell 10,000 tickets, but we have made 20,000 tickets available so more supporters have a chance. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we thank you with all of our hearts.

For 25 bucks you could win a car. If you don't you still end up donating 25 bucks to a good cause. Go buy tickets now and help out and maybe win a car.[Raffle America]

That's all I have for you this morning. If you celebrate have a nice Easter. If not, have a sandwich and enjoy your Sunday.