Dallas Stars Daily Links: Draft Week is Upon Us

In which all remains quiet on the Western Front, and the Eastern Front, and surely something has to happen in the next few days...

Did I say something last time about Willie Desjardins perhaps not getting an NHL offer and how great that would be? Yeah? Well whoops. Apparently he's a highly sought after commodity. That's what being awesome will do for you. And, being as awesome as he is, he had the option of choosing between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Vancouver Canucks. A choice between a team seemingly on the cusp of returning to Stanley Cup glory, and a team fresh off the tire fire of the 2014 season and a few seasons removed from the riots that accompanied a glorious Stanley Cup failure. An easy decision to make.

Desjardins is apparently going with the Canucks. Just go with it. Call it a good fixer-upper. [Pass it to Bulis]

Of course, the converse of that, is that he decided against Pittsburgh. Does anybody want the head coaching job in Pittsburgh? [Pensburgh]

* * *

Nextly, I'm a big Darryl Sutter fan. It's true. And though it might have started as a joke, because I'm still convinced there will one day be a muppet modeled after him, I've actually grown to appreciate him as a coach and a person. Isn't life weird when it works out like that? This is why though. Because just like the muppets, though they may essentially be cartoons, occasionally they do have a profound thing, or two, to say. Our friend Darryl has a whole countdown of profound things to say. [LA Kings Insider]

The Texas Stars won the Calder Cup this season, and in doing so, a lot of their players gained invaluable experience. Does that change the wish list for the Dallas Stars in the offseason? Well... perhaps... [Sports Day DFW]

Remember that fantastic goal Patrik Nemeth had to win the Calder Cup in Game 5 in overtime? Yeah, well turns out his usual gig is as a defensive defenseman. Let's all get excited about his long-term arrival in Dallas next year. [Stars Inside Edge]

Down Goes Brown's Grab Bag, in which Johnny Manziel thinks he's so original... [Grantland]

So all you readers of DBD will know that the Dallas Stars' 2014-2015 schedule was released yesterday. Well, coincidentally, so was the rest of the League's! Which means it's time for some analysis. Turns out the Arizona (I still wanna call them Phoenix) Coyotes once again travel the most miles in the league. Second on the list? Our Dallas Stars. But hey, we have one fewer back-to-back this season! Woohoo! [Hockey Gear HQ]

Some of you support other teams aside from the Stars. *cough* Benedict Arnold's *cough* Well, those teams' schedules were released yesterday as well. Funny enough. [NHL.com]

Oh San Jose... I can't wait for something to actually happen. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Mike Modano not a slam dunk for the Hall of Fame? I demand a recount! [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, one of the more bizarre articles I'll have for you, but it does explain where we've seen 'the Keeper of the Cup' before. He was a minor character in Spaceballs! [Battle of Cali]