Dallas Stars Daily Links: Back to Normal

Now that the Winter Classic is over, it’s back to the usual grind. Plus, it’s gameday against Detroit, Corey Perry’s has his suspension hearing today, and more.

Due to playing in a non-traditional market, the Dallas Stars aren’t used to all of the attention that was thrust upon them for the NHL Winter Classic. That can be a welcome change of pace, but it seems like the Stars are ready to be flying under the radar once more:

“It’s good,” Rick Bowness said. “As phenomenal as an event as that was -- great for the organization, great for the city -- we’re just not used to having cameras in the room all of the time, microphones all of the time, so it’s back to normal.”

The Stars haven’t really had a “normal” season so far, so that last part might be trickier than you think. But with 41 games to go, the Stars are looking to find some semblance of consistency for the second half of the season:

“We’re in a good position, but we’ve got room to improve,” said captain Jamie Benn. “We know who we are and what we can do, and it’s on us every day to keep improving and get results.”

You can read more from Mike Heika here.

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What better way to return to normalcy than to play the worst team in the league who clobbered you at the beginning of the year, am I right?

Corey Perry’s hearing with the Department of Player Safety is today. How many games do you think he should get?

As fun as the Winter Classic was, there was more to it than hockey:

Itching for more outdoor hockey after Wednesday’s game? There’s still Texas A&M vs. The University of Texas...

Around the League

The Minnesota Wild are the next new team to host the Winter Classic, but there are still plenty of first-timers for future years:

It was a weirdly busy day for trades yesterday. First, the Ottawa Senators acquired Mike Reilly from the Montreal Canadiens for Andrew Sturtz and a pick:

Then Montreal filled the hole in defense by getting Marco Scandella from the Buffalo Sabres:

Then the Sabres flipped the pick they had just obtained to the Calgary Flames in return for Michael Frolik:

Who would win an imaginary 2020 World Cup? The Athletic has their answer:

The WHL has never granted someone “exceptional” status before, but suddenly they have three players who might qualify:

Finally, I feel personally attacked by this article and so should you:

(But really now, Down Goes Brown’s right on the money this time).