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Dallas Stars Biweekly Links: A Tale of Two Dickies

In general, hockey players tend to come in batches — if you play hockey, odds are that your siblings do too. Thus is the case for Dallas Stars forward Jason Dickinson and his younger brother Josh Dickinson, who is currently a prospect for the Colorado Avalanche.

The two brothers have both played since they were young, though their age difference meant they never played each other while in juniors. Josh didn’t pursue a career hockey because of Jason, but the older brother did have a strong impact on him:

“It was cool to be able to follow someone who would end up making it and see what they do in their daily life,” Josh said. “We kind of did all of the same things and whether you know it or not (at the time), you kind of look up to your older brother.”

Nowadays, they’re still in different stages in their hockey careers — Jason is a mainstay on the Stars’ NHL roster, while Josh is trying to become an impact player for the Avalanche’s AHL affiliate. But they still train together during the offseason, as well as give each other advice whenever possible to improve one another’s game:

“Now I’m able to pick his brain,” Jason said. “When I was younger, I didn’t really care what he had to say. But now we’re able to talk about our experiences and how to handle this, that and the other. With both of us being centermen, we can both talk over our goals, our jobs and what we do up the middle.”

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