Dallas Stars 2013-2014 Top Moment #10: Valeri Nichushkin Unwittingly Starts A Catchphrase

Top Moment of the Dallas Stars 2013-2014 season #10 goes to rookie Valeri Nichushkin's instant cult classic #ImValNichushkin.

As part of our look back at the season that was, the DBD staff has put together a Top 10 list of the best moments of the season, moments that occurred within the course of the year that were highlights of this particular team and it's fight to the playoffs. They're ranked from 1-10, and we'll present them in reverse order, leading up to the top moment of the 2013-2014 season.

English is the hardest language in the world to learn. It has so many words that mean different things depending on how and in what context you use them -- quite confusing when you're trying to learn the language from the start.

On top of learning a new language, Dallas Stars rookie Valeri Nichushkin had to learn a new culture. American culture is widely different from Russian culture, especially for someone that is just 18 years old living away from his motherland for the first time.

So when it came time to do a video of holiday greetings for the fans, Valeri Nichushkin's wide-eyed innocent statement of "I am Val Nichushkin" was most certainly not meant to start an entire wave of humor on social media.

#ImValNichushkin swept Stars fans who had quite the giggle at the statement made by the phenom rookie winger.

This by far wasn't the best thing Stars fans saw from the rookie this year. His speed is explosive, and he showed his skills well throughout the season. The flashes of brilliance excite us to see just how well he's going to develop here in the Lone Star State.

But this endeared him to the fans, who hadn't heard him speak directly all season long. Since he's not comfortable with the English language yet, he did interviews through translators when needed. This video was the first time Nichushkin himself was really heard by Stars fans.

#ImValNichushkin indeed.