By the Numbers: Statistical Recap of the Dallas Stars versus Penguins

Stars win at home.

After three days off to sit and think about the loss against the Blues, the Dallas Stars returned to the AAC to face the Pittsburgh Penguins.. The Stars took advantage of a broken Penguins offense and defeated them 2-1 in front of a crowd begging for a home win to celebrate.

How did they do according to the numbers?


Dallas outplayed the Penguins in the first and for most of the second. Looking at the chart, the Penguins finally came to life in the second around the 33 minute mark and outshot the Stars for the remainder of the period. Dallas played the third period somewhat conservative but were able to hold on for the win.

In these posts, I will also be including a chart that shows scoring chances. Scoring chances are loosely defined as shots generated from inside the black outlined area below.



In keeping with their recent trend the Stars were stingy with the scoring chances, only giving up three in the first period.

Leading the way for Dallas in individual scoring chances were Brett Ritchie and Jamie Benn with three each. Seven players were tied for the bottom end with zero individual chances, two of which were Tyler Seguin and Cody Eakin.

In these posts, you will also see a few abbreviations and terms used.

CF, CA, C+/- and CF% are Corsi For, Corsi Against, and Corsi For Percentage. They are defined as follows,

Corsi For: The number of on-ice shot attempts (on goal, missed, or blocked) taken by the player's team.

Corsi Against: The number of on-ice shot attempts (on goal, missed, or blocked) taken by the opposing team.

Corsi%: The percentage of on-ice shot attempts (on goal, missed, or blocked) taken by the player's team; also known as CF%.


When Patrik Nemeth returned from injury there was hope from a few that they would get to see the two Swedes paired together and last night Lindy granted that wish. The two did not disappoint either. In fact, they absolutely dominated the Penguins.

The "muck" line delivered their ground and pound style and continue to be an absolute joy to watch.

Alex Goligoski and Jyrki Jokipakka had an evening they'd both probably prefer to erase from their memory.

It's worth noting that despite contributing two points, Jamie Benn fell below the mark at 41 percent CF.

Due to a busy week at work I was only able to watch the first period. Looking at the numbers, the Stars should have won by a larger margin. What did my eyes miss?

Graphs and numbers taken from War-on-Ice and