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Dallas Stars Gameday

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Devils (6 PM CST)

Can the Victory Green Gang deliver one more from the road?

Stars End Road Trip with Matchup against Devils

Three straight road wins have Dallas looking at a playoff position. They haven’t been pretty, but after a disastrous start on the road, its an improvement.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Flyers (6 PM CST)

The Stars are...winning on the road. This could be interesting. Care to watch?

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Red Wings (6:30 PM CST)

The Stars won on the road last night! Can they back it up in the Motor City?

Stars Pivotal Road Trip Continues Against Red Wings

Another game against an NHL bottom feeder. Another chance to end road woes.

Power Play Reigns Supreme as Dallas Beats Buffalo 5-4 in Comeback Victory

It was a bit too close for comfort, but the Stars snapped their losing streak thanks to Jason Robertson and Tyler Seguin.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Sabres (6 PM CST)

Bring the tequila - Buffalo has plenty of salt. (*Ba-duum-shh*)

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Canadiens (7:30 PM CST)

It can’t get worse, can it?

Stars at Home to Try and Snap a Losing Streak

Dallas hosting the Canadiens before a four-game road trip

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Panthers (6 PM CST)

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Stars Head to Florida for Friday Rematch Against Panthers

A week ago, Dallas pulled out a home 6-5 shootout win. Can the Stars back that up on the road?

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Blues (1 PM CST)

Get the baddies, get the road win, get the four-point swing.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Penguins (1 PM CST)

Rise and shine! It’s a matinee!

Stars End Three Week Homestand with Matinee Against Penguins

Dallas looks to go 4-0 at home in their Covid extended stay in Texas. Back to back afternoon games over the weekend give the Stars a chance to move up in the standings.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Panthers (7:30 PM CST)

Welcome to Thunderdome, where another record-high penalty-minute count can happen in a turn of the Wheel.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Wild (7:30 PM CST)

Note to Stars: Central Division wins are the preferred holiday self-help.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Blackhawks (7 PM CST)

A win at home will give the Stars a win against a Central Division rival. Will fans get candy...or coal?

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Blues (7 PM CST)

The Stars, as always, need a road win. And a Central Division win. And revenge on the Blues. Time to deliver.

Stars Looking for Answers in Rematch Against Blues

Illness and uninspired play have turned December into a somber month. Is there hope for a rebound in St. Louis?

Dallas Drops Fourth Straight in 4-1 Loss to St. Louis

Riley Damiani scored the Stars’ lone goal in his NHL debut, followed by four unanswered goals against.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Blues (7:30 PM CST)

The Stars need to make up ground in the Dirty Central. This would be good a place to start.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Sharks (9:30 PM CST)

The Stars need to improve their road record - a lot. Will they know the way in San Jose?

Stars Look To Get Back In The Win Column Against The Sharks

Dallas wants to stop a two-game skid as they take on the Sharks on the road.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Kings (9:30 PM CST)

The Stars look for a road win in L.A. as their West Coast trip continues.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Golden Knights (9 PM CST)

The Stars are on the rise in the murderous Central Division. Can they keep their streak alive in Sin City?

Stars Road Trip Starts in Vegas

Wow, what a ride at home, but the Golden Knights bring new challenges for the NHL’s hottest team.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Coyotes (7:30 PM CST)

The Coyotes are wounded but still potentially dangerous. Can the Stars clear this trap game with their win streak intact?

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Blue Jackets (7:30 PM CST)

The Stars and the Blue Jackets are both fighting to move up in their divisions. Join us for another return to the #Disco.

Hintz Hits a Hat Trick as Holtby Halts Hurricanes 4-1

It was a milestone game for the Stars as they extended their win streak to five.

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Hurricanes (7:30 PM CST)

The Bunch of Jerks is back in town. Can the Stars continue their winning streak against their former #Disco rivals?

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars @ Coyotes (7 PM CST)

The Stars are on a hot streak. Can they keep it going in Kachina country?

GAME DAY THREAD: Stars vs. Avalanche (6:30 PM CST)

The Stars enter a key Central Division matchup with the most momentum they’ve had all year. Can they bring home the gifts on Black Friday?