Radek Faksa Day to Day with Upper Body Injury

The update has arrived, and it's every bit as vague as you were hoping it would be.

As we send Tom Hanks to go rescue Esa Lindell and Ales Hemsky before we have no one left to wait for, Radek Faksa's injury status has been updated by the Czech team, and it sounds like he is "day to day" with, you guessed it, an upper body injury.

In case you didn't get all that, here are some translation efforts that are undoubtedly going to be better than mine:

So, there you go. Two Dallas Stars centers down, neither of them projected to miss a significant amount of time. Considering how much the World Cup affects most NHL fans, maybe minor (we hope) injuries are actually a best-case scenario. Wait, no, that is ridiculous. No injuries are the best-case scenario.