Will Ales Hemsky Face Discipline For Hit On Jonathan Ericsson?


Dallas Stars forward Ales Hemsky hit Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson up high in this afternoon's contest. The principle point of contact was the head. Ericsson bled. It didn't look good.

Ericsson ended up getting two minutes for roughing. Hemsky ended up with no penalty. Ericsson earned his minutes after two wicked sucker punches to Hemsky, but the penalties probably should have evened out. The officiating in this game has been so bad that this ended up as a Stars powerplay isn't even remotely surprising.

The question now is if Hemsky will be facing any discipline. I would have to imagine he's at least going to be having a phone call with the league. Whether that turns into a fine or a suspension is to be determined, but you can't make principle contact with the head and not at least hear from the league.

(s/t to Winging It In Motown for having the gif up)