[VIDEO] Tyler Seguin Suffers Cut to Arm, Status Unclear for Dallas Stars Leading Goal Scorer

Nicklas Backstrom's skate appeared to slash across Seguin's wrist in the game's dying minutes, but there is reason to be at least a little optimistic.

[Ed. note: Updated at end with good news from Elliotte Friedman.]

All of the good news from Saturday's 4-3 win over the Washington Captials was put into a little bit of a holding pattern after the game when Lindy Ruff said that Tyler Seguin had been cut on the arm by a skate in the game's dying minutes, was getting stitches, and had a bit of an unclear status.

The injury happened on a face off after an icing with a little more than three minutes left to go in the third period. Jamie Benn tied up the puck in the circle and Seguin jumped in to try and help win it, apparently catching a skate to the left wrist from a diving Nicklas Backstrom.

Backstrom had been trying to rotate to win the faceoff against Benn but Benn won body position, and Backstrom's foot caught Benn's and flew up and backwards. Seguin stayed in the play momentarily but then looked down at his arm, perhaps feeling a trickle of blood, and headed to the bench.

A quick clip of the play can be seen below:

The question is, as always, what exactly was cut. Superficial (and bloody) cuts can take a few days to knit themselves together enough to play with. The worst case scenario is Patrik Nemeth.

The good news, though, is that Seguin didn't run immediately back to the locker room. He was on the ice for the post-game handshakes at least.

He also skated his First Star of the Game lap with a bandage evident on his left wrist, as seen in the picture with this article.

So perhaps this is an abundance of caution. Perhaps it looked a little worse once he got the bandage off. Perhaps Lindy is just trying to ruffle our feathers. Whatever it is, there will be a lot of eyes on the next practice for updates.

Update: Here's some good news from no less than Elliotte Friedman: