Video TBT: Celebrate Christmas in July with the Minnesota North Stars, Including Mike Modano

Enjoy a silly little Thursday flashback with the Minnesota sports heroes of 1990, won'l you?

Y'all know how it goes.

It's approximately 204 degrees outside. The hockey world has basically shut down for the summer, so no matter how many ways Tyler Seguin is trying to make himself relevant, there's just not much to talk about that hasn't been said before or won't be more pertinent in the weeks immediately before training camp.

So head with us to cooler days, in early winter (or I guess technically late fall) as preparations for Christmas are taking place. Go somewhere cold like, say, Minnesota. And flash back to the early 1990s for this classic piece of video featuring the local sports heroes including most importantly, from our perspective, the Minnesota North Stars:

Some clues, notably the presence of Richard Coffey with the Minnesota Timberwolves, point to this being shot in 1990. That means the young Mike Modano was 20 years old when caught in this ensemble, before he'd even appeared in the Mighty Ducks movie:

Nice look, that one. The mullet with bangs nicely compliments the shiny leather jacket with rainbow-esque collar on the shirt. Now we've just got to work on that whole in tune thing.

Other North Stars that put in an appearance include Brian Bellows, Bobby Smith with his kids, a fairly bored looking Jon Casey, and Neal Broten in a nice ski jacket and turtleneck combo. Plus a guest appearance from former Cowboy and Cowboys coach Wade Wilson.