Video: John Klingberg's First NHL Goal Sparks Dallas Stars Rally

Klingberg surprised even himself with this move...

Coming into the third period the Dallas Stars needed a sign, a spark, anything to get going in the right direction in a crucial 20 minutes on the season. Another loss at home, and there's no telling how ugly it was going to get.

In steps John Klingberg.

His defending had been standing out the most his first five games in the NHL, a smart player in his own zone who could make a great first pass and move the puck in transition. His offense would come eventually, and after two assists against Carolina he unleashed this gem upon us:

Here's Klingberg on the goal:

"From the start it was a faceoff, we usually switch a little bit there to get a one-timer but then Spezza said, ‘stay just right behind me.' And the puck does not go to that place so many times. So he just said stand there and then I saw Hemsky put it up to me and I was surprised actually I could make that toe-drag; I didn't know that. Then I saw I had space to move forward and I saw the keeper just falling down and there was a good screen, so I just aimed for the right side of the goal."

If you're going to score your first NHL goal, that's the way to do it.

The goal set the AAC on fire and the team behind Klingberg built off that emotion to score again not 30 seconds later. The rally was on, and the Stars would go on to win, 3-1.