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Video: Dallas Stars’ Jamie Benn & Tyler Seguin Prank Their Mothers For Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Cabbie at TSN, here’s a great video of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin playing a fun prank on their mothers, saying they had recently met someone and wanted to propose on Valentine’s Day — and wanted to use their grandmother’s ring to do so.

It’s a funny prank, although you certainly feel for their moms; it’s a heck of turnaround on them in the span of just a few minutes.

What’s really interesting is Benn’s mom noting how secretive and quiet her son is, and it doesn’t seem like she’s all that surprised he could have hid a girlfriend from her for two years. Seguin’s mom, on the other hand, is absolutely shocked that her son is actually considering getting married to someone she’s never even heard of before.

I’m sure fans will also get some joy out of hearing the two discuss their Nana and Mammy, as well.

Fun stuff.