Tyler Seguin's Hat Trick Traps the Boston Bruins in a 5-3 Victory: Six Easy Tweets

It was the Tyler Seguin show for more than just one lucky girl in Boston as the Dallas Stars improved to 10-3 for the season. The essentials of Seguin's magic explained in six easy tweets...

The Dallas Stars kind of needed this win. It sounds silly to say, with a 9-3 record going into this game and all, but the sign of a good team is one that doesn't take victories for granted. They needed to rebound from the loss to Toronto.

The good news is that some of them did. I have to imagine that this is a characteristic of back to back wins; not everyone will be firing on all cylinders, and the opponent's play will magnify this fact. The better news is that Tyler Seguin was one of the guys firing on all cylinders. There's some bad news, but not enough to dwell on.

1. Of Goaltenders and Girls: Seguin's Encyclopedia Britannica of Broken Hearts

No commentary necessary; very cool, very tender little moment with plenty of Boston management jokes to support it.

2. Tyler Seguin Updates the Donut Counter with some classic Glazed

The first period was an odd one. Dallas got blown out in the shots on net category. They were looking a lot like they did against Toronto, except the roles were reversed this time with Dallas getting quite a bit of puck luck. Tuukka Rask has had a very rough season thus far, and Dallas took full advantage of it, starting with Seguin.

3. We'll keep Seguin, but still miss ya Loui!

Let's not be Toronto, and make it look like we've arbitrarily come up with new policies to forego a nice gesture of appreciation for those that have stuck around through thick and thin, and entertained us for many years.

Eriksson's time in Boston started out to mixed results; two concussions, and a functional demotion to 3rd line duty in Boston where Eriksson dragged around Carl Soderberg and the ectoplasm of whatever Bruin 4th liner won the Boston ethos lottery limited his efficiency.

Eriksson has 11 points in 11 games with Boston thanks to the revelation that he's pretty good with talented players. If Boston is smart, they'll sign him to a decent contract that is light on term but heavy on responsibility; a proper rebuild is not simply dumping all the responsibilities on youth.

4. Nuke to Pakk: Welcome to Deathrow (in 4 Years if We're Lucky)

Now you know why Boston fans sarcastically cheered for Rask, but this was excellent work from Valeri Nichushkin to keep the puck in, and an excellent screen by Radek Faksa.

I'm like a lot of people when it comes to young players; their mistakes are more annoying than unnerving. The real fault in our criticism is when the prospect of something better becomes so enticing that the concept of something else becomes more attractive than the reality of what's in front of you.

Jokipakka has been a steady presence, so it was nice to see him get his first goal. The jury's still out, but I'm with Razor on this one; leave him be. Nemeth and Oleksiak have yet to outplay him anyway.

5. Odayum!

I was surprised at the some of the fan reaction to Oduya in the Toronto game. The Toronto game was an aberration. Oduya has not been Dallas' best defender or anything, but he's been a solid presence. This play felt like some of the lingering Daley sauce from that Toronto game. Great stop and all, but this is generally not where we want you Oduya; preventing scoring chances by doing your best graboid impression.

6. Winners get Sprinkles

This incredible shot now gives Seguin his 6th hat trick in 164 games with Dallas. That's kind of insane. The game was an odd back and forth with Seguin beating Rask every now and then. It wasn't a great game as a group, but as the game in Toronto showed, sometimes the efforts of the few outweigh the efforts of the many.

  • Ruff's Line Blender: there's just way too much to talk about in these cheesy recaps, so we'll go with one positive, and one negative. First the positive; Faksa and Nuke need to be a thing. They looked excellent together, which isn't really surprising, but both had really impressive (don't know if this is a thing) what you might call 'forecheck chemistry'. The line just needs a serious finisher.
  • Perhaps Jamie Benn? Laugh all you want, but I can't imagine this being any crazier than Spezza at wing, and Patrick Sharp playing with Cody Eakin. Flexibility is not the same thing as versatility (injuries be damned); despite winning, I have to wonder if Ruff isn't playing with his G.I. Joe's too close to the Easy Bake Oven.
  • Devin Shore was pleasant. I don't know what else there is to say here. Not every rookie is gonna have an Alex Chiasson-esque introduction. Though looking at Chiasson's career trajectory, you're actually happy that Shore didn't score a goal right out the gate. It's nice to know he can still puck handle even when his legs are in the shape of a pretzel.
  • Speaking of rookies, Mattias Janmark made an excellent pass on the Alex Goligoski goal. His defensive play continues to sparkle as well.
  • Speaking of no longer rookies, Cody Eakin has been struggling. He's no longer the official center of the pitbull checking line, so his 47 Percent Corsi For rating is a little hard to explain. Eakin isn't a bad player by any means, and for whatever reason, his chemstry with Jamie Benn shorthanded is quite palpable, but it feels like as his role has been less defined, so has his play.
  • Kari was fine. Didn't look great early, but didn't look bad either; just because a goalie can see the puck doesn't mean the goals are soft. Miller has a bomb of a shot, and beat Kari in the heads up matchup.
  • Last season, Dallas didn't get their 10th win until December 6th. This is a nice change of pace, and it's certainly great to see them beat Boston especially, but they're gonna need much better play to stay afloat in the Central division.