Tyler Seguin's Four Points Power Dallas Stars' Comeback Victory over Florida Panthers

This time, the Stars were on the right side of a lost-two goal lead.

Tyler Seguin remarked on the radio here in Dallas on Friday that he would shave his beard if things did not go his way offensively in Florida- A statement indicative of what the man believes he can do out there.

What he believes he can do and what he did finally came together, and six points later in just 40 minutes of total ice time it seems like the beard is safe for now.

Two goals and two assists for #91 led the way for Dallas tonight as he had a hand in all of the offense, including the Jamie Benn empty-netter to salt away a huge comeback victory.

Dallas is now 4-1-0 on the season. Do not adjust your monitors and tablets. The quick start they were looking for, so far, is coalescing.

The Stars started well in the first period, but were kept to the outside of the rink, and eventually their shots dried up altogether. The Stars took just five shots into the first intermission and would need 3-4 minutes in the second to add to the total.

In the intervening time Kari Lehtonen was interfered with. There should have been a penalty. There was none called. That being the case, he could have regained his skates before Barkov put the puck in the net, but the official closest was conflicted. He said no-goal. It was challenged, and it was overturned.

Taylor already wrote more on it here (link)

I have not yet run across any English words that are descriptive of the Panthers' second goal, just moments later. An investigation into the series of events that led Jokipakka and Jordie Benn to be in the positions in the GIF below would take more man power and time than we here at DBD possess.

It is sufficient for now to call the situation that led to a helpless Kari Lehtonen getting beat merely "baffling". It was certainly frustrating for all after the lengthy review on the first goal.

Luckily that was all the offense the Panthers would muster. Dallas would kick their puck possession into high gear, getting to a total of 36 pucks on Luongo's net after just 5 through 23 minutes.

Tyler Seguin scored his first on a breakaway pass from Patrick Sharp to pull the Stars within one. Jamie Benn tied the game on a deflection of a gorgeous Tyler Seguin saucer pass in the third, and then a John Klingberg point bid rebounded and Seguin jumped on it to finally pull Dallas ahead.

The third victory in a row looked, for a time, that it might come with the third straight casualty in the form of Patrick Sharp. He took a bump in the corner in the first period and missed several shifts before returning, showing no ill effects.

Kari Lehtonen was wonderful tonight, stopping 22 of 24, including some mamoth saves in very scrambly sequences for the Stars defensively. There were two or three sequences where they were on their heels and Kari was swimming, but he took them through it.

Plenty to fix in front of the Dallas net still. Plenty to like from the guy occupying it right now.

On to Philadelphia for a nationally televised game against the Flyers on Tuesday.