Dallas Stars Center Tyler Seguin Brings Another Girl To Tears In Boston

It happened again.

Tyler Seguin inspires many reactions. Among Boston Bruins fans we usually joke that he brings them to tears. Trading away an elite talent when they can barely drink is going to make a lot of people upset. And while we're usually mostly joking about that, Seguin has been known to bring a specific subset of Bruins fans to tears: teenage girls.

It happened again tonight to a girl coming to see Seguin for her sweet 16.

Seguin skated over to her and flipped her a puck, and as you can see she absolutely lost her mind to the point that her one friend had to console her. As fantastic as all of that is, I love that her other friend is texting someone and apparently doesn't even notice that Seguin flipped a puck into the crowd.

On top of all of that, Seguin has a hat trick. As of this writing the Stars are up 4-2 thanks to three from 91. And he made a young girl's night.


[Ed. update: Someone connected with the Stars or Bruins brought her downstairs after the game to meet Seguin and have him sign the puck.

Happy birthday, Katherine.]