TV Shows To Binge As You Wait For The Dallas Stars To Return To Play

We’ll all be spending some quality time with the couch, so what’s on your watch list?

Confession: I am one of the rare few that hasn’t ever watched The Wire. (I can almost see Bob Sturm of The Ticket shaking his head in disbelief.) I hear incredible things about the show, but I’ve never found the time to watch all of those seasons. Between a fairly demanding job and running the show here at Defending Big D, I struggle to find the time to do a good old fashioned binge of a critically acclaimed show such as this.

Now, with all of us waiting for the Dallas Stars to return, practicing good social distancing habits, washing our hands and avoiding touching our faces, it’s as good a time as any to binge the shows that we have always meant to give a shot.

Here’s what is on top of our binge wish list right now. It’s a mix of shows we want to watch for the first time and some favorites that are worth the re-watch.

Carnival Row

Brief Synopsis: An entry in the fantasy-noir category, Carnival Row takes on modern topics such as immigration, xenophobia, unbridled power, and how societies adjust to changing times. Features Orland Bloom as a not-elf.
Stream it on: Amazon Prime

Downton Abbey

Brief Synopsis: This British period drama follows the Crawley family as they make their way through the early 20th century. As times change, has the aristocratic society of Britain been phased out — or can it survive if they can change with the times?
Stream it on: Amazon Prime
BONUS! They made a Downton Abbey movie that is set after the end of the show in which the king and queen of England come for a visit.

Killing Eve

Brief Synopsis: A spy thriller in which a British intelligence officer (played by Sandra Oh) plays a game of cat-and-mouse with an assassin (played by Jodie Comer). The best part? Every season has featured a female showrunner in addition to the strong female leads.
Stream it on: Hulu

Love is Blind

Brief Synopsis: A guilty pleasure that mixes reality television with young beautiful people trying to find love. Think a trashier version of The Bachelor.
Stream it on: Netflix

Parks and Recreation

Brief Synopsis: Political satire set in a small Indiana town. Integrates real-world events into the plot line to show us a reflection of America.
Stream it on: Netflix

The Good Place

Brief Synopsis: Mother forker! After Eleanor (Kristen Bell) dies, she finds herself in the good place in the afterlife — or is it? Beautiful comedy with poignant touches of sentimental nuance.
Stream it on: Hulu

The Newsroom

Brief Synopsis: Following a newsroom, how it works, how stories become stories, and the decisions that get made on how to present the news as Aaron Sorkin uses real-world events in this fictional show. It’s been off the air for years, but feels especially pertinent giving the world we live in today.
Stream it on: HBO

The Wire

Brief Synopsis: Crime drama set in Baltimore. Though it didn’t light the world on fire when it first premiered, it’s considered one of the all time greatest TV shows made. Not recommended for children.
Stream it on: HBO


Brief Synopsis: Follow the personal and political life of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character, Vice President Selina Meyer, as she figures out that the job she thought she always wanted isn’t all that great.
Stream it on: HBO

What’s on your watch list?

Any recommendations of shows we must see? Anyone want to start a binge with us of one of these or another show not listed?