The Dallas Stars' (Social) Media Day Was Awesome

The Stars left for training camp today, but first, they had a little fun. You should look.

There are many, many reasons to be happy you're a Dallas Stars fan today. Some of them were on full display as Our Gang took photos, shot segments, and gathered themselves up for the brisk ride to Cedar Park Center and the beginning of NHL training camp.

First of all: Johnny Oduya, 4 ur feelz.

Patrick Sharp has skills. Let him show you them.

Antti Niemi rocks the Victory Green.

And Kari Lehtonen looks ready for his close-up.

Now it's extra-official: Julius Honka will wear the 6 with the big club.

And Curtis McKenzie will be your official birthday greeter.

Val Nichushkin has the pointing thing down.

And the pingpong skills of Patrick Eaves are still the talk of the locker room.

John Klingberg was large and in charge of an official Dallas Stars Snapchat takeover, and JUST LOOK AT WHAT HE DID. LOOK AT IT.

Also from Klingberg's Snapchat takeover: Try to guess if Jason Demers is pulling your leg. (Go on. I'll stand in the back and wait 'til you're through.)

Whether it's fists or photos, Antoine Roussel is always ready to share.

We interrupt this post with BREAKING NEWS from correspondent Alex Goligoski...

...and now, back to this shameless display of stick-handling from Jamie Benn.

Meanwhile, Tyler Seguin IS Derek Zoolander.

The broadcast crew got in on the fun. Here is a photo of Razor, Razoring.

And Brent Severyn shares a Hot Sports Opinion on Owen Newkirk's very yellow polo.

Finally: Everybody ropes, everybody rides. Which means Vernon Fiddler carries the water, while Tyler Seguin packs the Gatorade.

Happy training camp, everybody!