Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 80: Don’t Let The Process Wear You Down

Less is more, unless it’s just less. Wes and Tyler try to figure it out.

Editor’s Note: The tornadoes that ripped through Dallas impacted our ability to get this up sooner for you guys. We know you’ll understand.

ABC = Always Be Chasing. The Dallas Stars may have too many players having too many problems for simple fixes, but Wes and Tyler are going to look for some anyway.

On the menu:

  • What, if anything, is going right?
  • Do the Stars need to shorten the bench and let make their best players be their best players?
  • Is The Process part of the problem? Or is it just more useful as a scorecard than as a system?
  • And what can the Stars do about it?/

Would you rather lose 2-1 or win 6-5? Discuss.