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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 181: Traverse City Scouting Report

The Dallas Stars marked the unofficial start of the new hockey season with the 2022 Traverse City NHL Prospect Tournament. What does the future hold for fans of the Victory Green Gang?

Mark Zimmerman and Derek Neumeier were there, and lucky for us, they’re ready to share. They’ve examined the sure things, the sleepers, and the dark horses, and they talk about what they saw in this episode:

  • What did we learn about the Stars’ depth from the Traverse City tournament?
  • How did Neil Graham’s strategy take advantage of it?
  • Who has the right skills to flourish under Pete DeBoer’s prospective system?
  • Was the Nils Lundkvist trade a steal, or a felony?
  • How will it affect the team’s structure over the next few years?
  • Who’s realistically competing for a roster spot during this training camp?
  • Who will grab a spot on the Texas Stars?
  • Are waiver exemptions going to make most of these decisions for the front office?
  • And which solid prospects could end up eating nachos, even in Cedar Park?/

Will we finally see Ty Dellandrea get a full season in the NHL? Stargazing is willing to go there, and now you can go there with us. Stay tuned to learn more about Derek’s new job!

What are you most looking forward to as training camp commences? Let us know in the comments, or DM us @WesALawrence or @KETibbetts. There’s a very good chance you’ll be part of the next podcast.

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