Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 202: State Of Play

We were told we’re supposed to be more offensive...? Taylor Baird joins Wes and Mark to see if they can make that happen.

We keep saying the Dallas Stars just need to take overtime to the shootout and win there, but we were kind of, sort of kidding. And yet that’s exactly what they did with their recent road victory over Western Conference chart-toppers the Vegas Golden Knights.

It’s all very nice, but if you actually believe the Victory Green Gang is a Stanley Cup competitor, you probably have questions. Taylor Baird joins Wes and Mark to anticipate some of them. In this edition:

  • Who would you ice during 3-on-3 OT, other than having Miro Heiskanen take every other shift? (Because we’re already suggesting that.)
  • If the Stars have truly staked out an advantage in overtime nihilism, then why not play like nothing matters once you have the loser point?
  • Are most of the team’s issues just papering-over for other, bigger issues?
  • Will the Denis Gurianov-Evgenii Dadanov trade help?
  • Can a sacrifice from the organization’s stellar pipeline help secure the trade-deadline bag for a deep playoffs run?
  • Or do they already have the one player who puts them into the Stanley Cup Finals conversation?/

We’ve been instructed from on high that we’re supposed to be offensive. This episode of Stargazing represents an attempt that was made. And it’s brought to you by our sponsor, Greening Law, P.C.

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