Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 130: Keep On Dancing

The Stars are that team for whom nothing is a surprise, whether good or bad. Wes and Mark ponder this truth as the Victory Green Gang prepares to face the music, again.

The Dallas Stars have three games and only two points in the bag so far this week. But Saturday’s road war with the Nashville Predators gives them a shot at that ever-so-precious four-point swing against their closest #Disco rivals. Will they get the bounce, or will the bounce get them?

The only way to find out is to keep on dancing. Wes and Mark sat down for a heart-to-heart after the latest Tampa Bay Lightning shutout, and the result is the Stargazing in front of you.

In this edition:

  • How much of their destiny can the Stars control?
  • Is the schedule their biggest opponent right now?
  • Will Tyler Seguin, and a possible return to high-event hockey, arrive in time to make a difference?
  • Can Joel Kiviranta help goose the scoring in the meantime?
  • Can Jamie Benn keep up the pace – and can the team see a future for him at center?
  • What will the forward lines look like for the rest of this race?
  • And what does the future hold for the Stars’ pending free agents? (Jamie Oleksiak, looking at you.)/

It’s time to get aggressive. It’s time for a meeting with the latest episode of Stargazing. (Yowzah, yowzah, yowzah.)

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