Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 162: Road Trip Redux

Are the Stars good again? And can they keep it up long enough to nail down a playoffs berth? ...Who knows. At least Wes and Mark are willing to talk about it.

Believe it or not, the Dallas Stars...actually had a pretty good January. So does this mean we start planning the parade, or what, or...?

Wes and Mark sifted through the facts and found some Victory Green shoots, as well as the usual omens. In this episode:

  • Eight points in five games...are the Stars really and truly on the upswing?
  • Has Alexander Radulov shaken off the last of the post-surgery rust and activated? And if so, could this mean that a second (third?) scoring line has finally arrived?
  • Are the now-predictable Denis Gurianov benchings somewhat more tolerable now that there’s legitimate offensive competition in Riley Damiani?
  • Did John Klingberg’s injury (hear us out) actually come at an opportune time?
  • And now that the Pavelski & Sons line is scoring on the road, dare we hope for a Stanley Cup playoffs spot?/

Who else is rooting for a second wildcard berth and a romp through the Pacific Division? Sit next to Mark. You’re at Stargazing.

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Zubov Night – place your bets!

Moneyline: -1100
Over/Under: 5.51
Free commemorative banner: priceless5