Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 131: Young Hearts Run Free

“MacArthur Park” isn’t playing yet, but the needle is about to drop. Wes and Taylor return to the #Disco, and look to the future.

It’s not really saying the quiet part out loud to observe that the Dallas Stars’ season is all but over. Their fortunes and struggles have sealed their fate, and its final dispensation is now to be decided largely by other teams. The battle has been fierce, but at this point it’s futile.

Wes and Taylor took a heaping dose of humanity and sat down to review the past and look to the future. Here’s their #Disco playlist for this episode:

  • a timely review of the obstacles strewn through the Stars’ season,
  • how the absence of a high-end chaos agent like Alexander Radulov has affected their play,
  • the Stanley Cup playoffs window, and where it opens and closes,
  • the struggle to integrate new pieces into the core,
  • how load management can help keep Jamie Benn productive,
  • how the front office can keep the band together in the offseason,
  • and how the expansion draft can still upend their plans./

So what have you spoken into existence today? No judgment here – this is Stargazing. Just don’t come to us for pronunciation help.

But hey, it’s never too late to be part of the next cast. Post your puck questions in the comments, or find us @WesALawrence and @KETibbetts.

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