Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 170: Place Your Bets

The Stars face the Golden Knights for a Stanley Cup playoffs payoff. Wes and Mark want to know if the house always wins.

It could be a big, big Tuesday for the Dallas Stars organization. Both the NHL squad and its AHL affiliate, the Texas Stars, hold their destiny in their own hands as they shoot for spots in the 2022 Stanley Cup and Calder Cup playoffs.

As they face the struggling but still dangerous Vegas Golden Knights, the Victory Green Gang also faces a singular test of their entire season. So of course, Wes and Mark sat down for a quick and dirty preview of a pivotal game. In this episode:

  • Can the Stars deliver at least one elite period tonight – the way they have during some of their most important wins this season?
  • Will winning a one-goal game be enough?
  • With only home games left on the schedule, do they have the only tactical advantages that matter in this final stretch?
  • Can they defeat their greatest nemesis – the emergency backup goalie?
  • What do they stand to prove with a decisive victory?
  • What’s actually going on in the Vegas crease?
  • Have the Golden Knights’ Stupid Cap Games finally caught up with them?
  • And are Stars fans just too afraid of the other shoe dropping to enjoy it?/

Does a play-in win qualify for actual Starsing, or does that still only happen when you have to win and biff it? Let’s find out. As you can probably tell, we’ve been Stargazing. Come for the game preview, stay for our hawtest sportz taek ever.

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What would make a Stars victory especially sweet tonight?

Robo’s 40th goal of the season40
Gurianov with the game-winner14
Seguin brings donuts4
Beast Mode Benn26
Something else (tell us in the comments)3