Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast - Episode 149: On Trusting The Process

Are the Dallas Stars...improving? During the preseason? Wes and Taylor sat down between two wins to talk about it. (Braden Holtby, Starting Goalie discussion ensued.)

The Dallas Stars’ preseason is nearly at its end, and things look...good? But now that the Braden Holtby, Starting Goaltender conversation has begun in earnest, what else should we be noticing?

Wes and Taylor have seen a few things in the preseason that have burned the Victory Green Gang in the regular season. So they spent a good half-hour taking inventory. (PLEASE NOTE: This conversation took place before the Stars’ 3-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Thursday, in which Taylor herself chose Anton Khudobin as the First Star of the Game, so there’s that.)

In this edition:

  • Has Braden Holtby’s preseason performance helped clarify the Stars’ netminding decisions?
  • What should we make of the amount of ice time allotted to the top forwards?
  • Strike that: What should we make of Alexander Radulov out there blocking shots in a preseason game?
  • Has Mavrik Bourque played his way into a nine-game tester?
  • Will Jacob Peterson be on the opening-night roster?
  • What are the chances that Dallas carries an extra forward instead of an eighth defenseman this season?
  • What does all of this say about the Stars’ roster depth?
  • And what form of this team will head into the regular season?/

Know the code: “Maple” is turtling when you’re down a goal, “Honey” is turtling when you’re up a goal. And there’s more where that came from, because this is Stargazing.

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