Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 165: Schrödinger’s Stars

Wes and Mark come back to the eternal quantum paradox that is the Victory Green Gang playing for a wildcard berth.

It’s late February, and the Dallas Stars’ fate once again seems to be tied to random events that may or may not occur. As per usual.

Wes and Mark have spent many an hour contemplating Schrödinger’s team, whose playoffs hopes seem to be simultaneously alive and dead just about all the time. In this episode, they examine the Stars’ recent run of play, their real (and imagined) trade-deadline possibilities, and what all of it means for the rest of the regular season.

Coming up:

  • The Stars are great at winning with one goal in regulation, but can they just...score more?
  • ...Because how much are they likely to need to win a goal-differential tiebreaker for a spot in the Stanley Cup race?
  • Is that possible now that a point-per-game Tyler Seguin is back on the ice?
  • Can the Benn-Seguin-Gurianov line continue to ease the team’s manic dependence on Pavelski & Sons for all their goal-getting needs?
  • How do their chances improve now that Jake Oettinger is more or less officially their No. 1 guy in net?
  • Does any of this mean they’re actually playing well?
  • What are the chances that they can go on a non-fake contention run, especially when better competition seems to help them?
  • What could, and should, happen at the NHL trade deadline – and why would that not include dealing John Klingberg?
  • Are the rumors of cap trouble greatly exaggerated?
  • And is any amount of props too much for Taylor as she joins the inaugural selection committee for the Dallas Stars Hall of Fame?/

Is your investment portfolio heavily leveraged in the Sean Avery memorabilia market? Stargazing can help. Probably. Maybe.

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