Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 189: Puck Luck, Or Puck Hard Work?

Why do statistical models hate the Stars? Wes and Mark ask the important questions before the turkey coma sets in.

Sure, the Dallas Stars have a good record. They have some great players, and they can beat you in a couple of different ways. But are they actually good? For real? Because some stats suggest they’re...kind of middle-of-the-road-ish.

The Victory Green Gang leads the Central Division (still, at this posting) in points, and it also leads the league in shooting percentage. But there’s a lot going on under the hood right now – and as always, Wes and Mark want to pop the latch and take a look. In this edition:

  • Why are the Stars outperforming the statistical models?
  • Is it a PDO fluke, and we should be on full-time regression watch?
  • Or is this proof that the new system is working?
  • Is having one or two lines that can just win a game for you the model?
  • Aren’t Tyler Seguin, Roope Hintz and Jason Robertson merely doing what they do?
  • And seriously, what does Joe Pavelski ever do that isn’t something he does every game, all the time, as a perfect expression of everything he stands for?/

All this, plus the most likely and unlikely regression candidates – welcome to Stargazing, where we will never, repeat never, spoil the World Cup results for you.

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