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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 180: Doomcasting

Sometimes, being a Dallas Stars fan means rolling with the punches. So why not get a little sparring practice in before the season starts?

Welcome to the Doomcast! Wes, Mark and Tyler leaned waaaay into the worst cases for our latest upload (with only one area ruled off-limits), and even reached as far as bankruptcy just to get the edgelord points. In this edition:

  • What if the Stars can’t find a way to replace John Klingberg?
  • What if Jake Oettinger stumbles out of the gate?
  • Has Dallas’ old defense-from-defense system ruined the offense of its young stars?
  • What if the hot prospects just aren’t as hot as we think they are?
  • What will happen to The Turtle? Could a few key injuries force the Stars back into that shell?
  • And what if Miro Heiskanen can’t play every single ding-dang position? (…Oh, wait.)/

The way out is through. Stargazing can help.

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