Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Playoffs Edition: Yard Sale Or Track Meet?

Can the Stars get a Round 1 upset by playing “Stars hockey”? Wes, Taylor and Rob examine the case.

The Dallas Stars’ postseason to date isn’t made up of especially pretty strokes, but it’s pretty much impossible not to like the whole picture so far.

Wes, Taylor and Rob sat down to discuss what the Victory Green Gang has done right during the past two victories over the Calgary Flames. In this episode:

  • Are the Stars actually, really built for the Stanley Cup playoffs?
  • How have they managed to keep the Flames from converting their superior possession metrics into useful offense?
  • When will Roope Hintz be able to buy a goal again?
  • Is Jake Oettinger a Vezina-caliber netminder as well as an adorable sea creature?
  • Is Calgary playing into Dallas’ hands if they try to get edgier and more physical?
  • And will the series ultimately be decided not by depth scoring, but by the top line that gets going consistently?/

Is it all depth scoring if nobody scores? Stargazing is asking the most important questions of our time. And then destroying them. With answers!

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