Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Playoffs Edition: Got A Match?

The Stars may need a spark if they want to make it out of Round 1. Wes and Mark look for ways to get a fire going.

For the first time in Round 1, the Dallas Stars had to play a game in Calgary Flames style rather than their own. The results were...well, you saw.

Wes and Mark discuss why the Stars aren’t playing well enough to win right now, and what they may need to do to right the ship. In this episode:

  • Did the Stars think they could win Game 4 by playing Games 1 through 3?
  • Can they make adjustments without letting the next game get away from them?
  • Will the Flames keep letting Miro Heiskanen skate the puck because the stagnant Stars offense leaves him with nothing else to do with it?
  • Is there any way this iteration of the Stars can win a high-event hockey game?
  • For that matter, can they win another game by asking Jake Oettinger to steal it?
  • Do the Stars have even one structural advantage in this matchup – and if so, what is it?
  • Or is their miserable power play going to cost them the series after all?/

How do you galaxy-brain yourself into a corner? Tell us about it. This is why we’re all Stargazing.

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