Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 134: Defense And Big D

With silly season looming, Taylor and Wes take a look at the Stars’ blueline identity - and at some of that high-profile trade speculation.

The NHL silly season is rolling up on us like a big, slow, heavy rolling thing. And while nothing particularly interesting is happening for Dallas Stars fans right now, there is always the possibility that interesting things could happen soon.

Case in point: some flashy trade rumors that have surfaced as June begins. Wes and Taylor took the lay of the land and asked the only question that matters: How does this affect the Stars? In this episode:

  • the NHL Draft Lottery (and what the league could gain if it were a little more conscious of the fact that sports are entertainment),
  • the Seth Jones market, and whether the Stars should be in on it,
  • John Klingberg and his next contract,
  • Miro Heiskanen and his natural side,
  • the value of goals vs. the value of grit, and whether that makes Mitch Marner the new Tyler Seguin,
  • and how the Stars’ cap management will shape the team going forward./

Did Jim Nill really go all the way into the office for that? Let’s find out. Let’s go Stargazing.

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