Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 156: A November To Remember

At a moment when anything seems possible for the Stars - whether good or bad - Wes and Mark examine the ups and downs of their latest winning streak.

The Dallas Stars have been winning, a lot. And as is our way, we’ve found both good and bad news in that.

Wes and Mark take a moment to enjoy the Stars’ improved outlook, but they still find the same old issues persisting. Will the Victory Green Gang ever shake their habit of playing all their hockey in the first 40 minutes? Can they balance their offensive effort across all three periods without relying on a goalie having a .930 game? In this edition, we look at all of this and more:

  • Is there such a thing as putting too much hope in the Roope Hintz - Jason Robertson - Joe Pavelski superline?
  • What’s more amazing: that line’s ability to score in the first minute and a half of a game, or Braden Holtby’s Tex-Mex combo save from the Carolina Hurricanes game?
  • Is it even possible for Hintz’s change in puck luck to last – or is his re-found scoring touch more sustainable than that?
  • Can the Stars continue to get defense from offense, especially when they get aggressive on the penalty kill?
  • Are we officially in the Jake Oettinger Is The No. 1 Goalie era?
  • Do lines matter more than contracts?
  • Is Tyler Seguin struggling to be a volume shooter, or is he just changing his game to be more of a net-front presence?
  • On a similar note, why is Alexander Radulov under-shooting his career average so dramatically?
  • How do the Stars get more than one line going consistently?
  • Where does Jacob Peterson fit into the equation?
  • How soon can Riley Damiani get a call-up?
  • And what’s up with the turtling?/

Does the Minnesota Wild game continue to exist if we can’t remember it? Enjoy our Columbus Blue Jackets predictions – and Mark’s four-point downer – as Stargazing returns.

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How many points will the Stars get from their next five games?

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