Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 190: The Wish List

The Stars have made a butter-smooth transition from one core to the next. What’s left to ask for? Wes, Mark and Juraj can think of a few things.

This season’s Dallas Stars feel like an early holiday present already. But there’s always room for improvement, right?

Wes, Mark and Juraj got together the morning of the Anaheim Ducks game to talk about what the Stars have, and what they’re wishing for. In this edition:

  • Are we on full-time Jason Robertson Hart Trophy watch? Should we be?
  • How does the Stars’ cap-hit layer cake stack up with the Roope Hintz extension?
  • Can a handful of sub-optimal contracts still spoil the taste?
  • Or will it be offset if the reinvigoration of a few key players keeps paying dividends?
  • What about the holes that still remain in the defense?
  • Is there really any downside to the team being so healthy, for the most part?
  • How do the Stars’ salary issues track with general league trends?
  • And what of Joe Pavelski?/

All this, plus an Anton Khudobin update and even more Hot Sports Predictions, are in this week’s Stargazing. Gather around the Yule log with us.

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