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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 196: New Sponsor, Who Dis?

Considering that 200 Hockey Men™ predicted the Dallas Stars were en route to a rebuild back in September, you might think that worrying about whether the team can make a deep playoffs run this May is a nice problem to have.

But here at Stargazing, there’s no problem so big or small that it can’t be pored over ad infinitum. So this week, Wes and Mark take the pulse of the currently Hintz-less Stars and look for signs of trouble. In this episode:

  • No, really, how much are they missing Roope Hintz right now?
  • Is this what it looks like when they revert to being a two-line team – and is giving Wyatt Johnston a line of his own really the answer?
  • Have the Stars given up on being a threat and are now working on just rolling three decent scoring lines?
  • Is the real issue not in trying to fix the fourth line, but in trying to create the third?
  • Or have deficiencies on defense become the issue in and of themselves?
  • Will Thomas Harley’s time come ’round at last, finally?
  • And is the entire house of cards built upon Jake Oettinger being Best Jake Oettinger for as many games as it takes?/

On top of all this, we have an exciting announcement about our new sponsor: Welcome to the podcast, Greening Law, P.C.!

We’re not sure what the question is, but the answer is “ice time.” This is Stargazing, and that’s our conclusion. (And where else can you hear someone use the word “jeremiad” in a sentence?)

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