Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 160: A B C D E F U

Are we really going to jeopardize our Clean rating this time? Listen to these John Klingberg takes by Wes, Mark, Tyler and David and find out.

The Dallas Stars have a way of making you want to swear even after a victory. And when you think about the John Klingberg situation, it’s pretty easy to want to swear all day, every day. (What even...? What the hockey sticks...?)

Wes, David, Tyler and Mark have a salty word or two about the team, and this time, they feel like sharing. In this episode:

  • Can the Stars just play all their games at home from now on?
  • Alternatively, can they just clone Joe Pavelski and Sons?
  • Can they, once and for all, get a second line going again (maybe after Denis Gurianov returns from COVID jail)?
  • Why should coaching decisions that didn’t fly when Marc Crawford was bench boss get a second chance now?
  • Has the team moved back to the John Klingberg - Esa Lindell pair on the QT?
  • Can Dallas commit to a vision of success in which they recognize how much they need Klinger?
  • If not, then what the heck have they been trying to do in the draft for the past few years?/

The system cannot fail. It can only be failed. This is Stargazing.

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Do the Stars get John Klingberg re-signed?

Yes. They pretty much have to.12
Maybe, but they want to wait and see how far they get in the playoffs first.4
No, they’ll trade him at the deadline and start a soft rebuild.28
They’ll let him walk in the offseason, because Stars.30