Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 169: Have Doubts, Will Travel

We seem to be experiencing the darkest-universe version of this season’s Stars. How do they (and we) get through the next few games? Wes and Mark have ideas.

“Dallas Stars hockey at its best” means different things at different times. Sometimes it means a cry of pain after another missed opportunity. The Victory Green Gang should have scored at least two victories during their last road trip, and yet they came home with none. What are we supposed to think?

Wes and Mark contemplate whether our team will rise to the occasion or choke another postseason away during the next few days. In this episode:

  • Does goal differential really matter? Or at least matter as much as we fans like to think?
  • Can the Stars actually win against teams they should be able to beat?
  • Will they have to deal with the Vegas Golden Knights the old-fashioned way on Tuesday?
  • Is Jake Oettinger going through a phase, or should we be worried? And how much of that can be chalked up to the 200-hockey-men baggage attached to young netminders?
  • Can the Avengers Line carry the Stars the rest of the way?
  • Has the relentless reality of their bubble-team status left that as the only viable option?
  • And what will happen if they do make the Stanley Cup playoffs?/

Who’s your First Man in Nacho Land? Let’s talk about it. Welcome to Stargazing.

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Can the Dallas Stars hang on to the second wildcard playoffs spot?

No, because they’re going to get the first wildcard spot.4
What is this Earth “playoffs”?4