Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 142: Assume The Position

In which Wes and Tyler turn a throwaway comment into a serious discussion of the third defensive pair. Jump in.

Another Texas August has hit Dallas Stars fans like a half-ton of hot, humid bricks. And if you, too, have hit that stage of hockey deprivation where you start hallucinating that it’s one of those Olympic events you just watched on CNBC at 3 a.m., then we have the episode for you.

Wes and Tyler took a throwaway comment about Dallas’ third pair and spun it into 45 minutes of pure podcasting gold. In this edition:

  • How will handedness decide who lines up with whom?
  • Is Jani Hakanpää that one guy who can stop a cycle?
  • Can Andrej Sekera’s veteran savvy help him play through his injury history?
  • Will Joel Hanley munch enough minutes to make up the difference?
  • Has the Stars’ activity in free agency created an AHL superteam as a knock-on effect?
  • And how might all this veteran grit benefit, rather than block, Thomas Harley?/

All this will be yours, along with some solid-gold Stars memories. You’re Stargazing!

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