Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 139: Expansion Draft 2021 Edition

The Stars spent a busy weekend getting ready for an eventful week. What will the team look like next Saturday? Wes, Tyler and Mark read the signs.

Jim Nill and the Dallas Stars worked all weekend to get ready for Wednesday. Now, with the Seattle Kraken expansion draft bearing down on us like a...really big thing that, you know, bears’s nearly time to find out where the rubber will meet the road.

Wes, Tyler and Mark read the maps and sat down for a long discussion about where all this is headed. In this episode, we contemplate questions like these:

  • Is the Miro Heiskanen extension great, or the greatest?
  • Was the Jason Dickinson trade the best move possible, or did it open up an entire can of unintended consequences?
  • Shall we talk about the fallacy inherent in the notion of “losing a player for nothing”?
  • ...And, while we’re at it, about the tendency of many front offices to galaxy-brain themselves into worse positions than they might have been in if they’d done nothing?
  • Did Ben Bishop just become the player most likely to end up in a Kraken sweater?
  • How badly could that end up for Dallas – or, conversely, for Seattle?
  • Can the Kraken close the loop that will allow them to take, and keep, Jamie Oleksiak?
  • And how much better would Seth Jones have to be to consider ditching John Klingberg for him?/

What would you give up to get more size and grit? Think about it before you answer. This is Stargazing.

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