Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 91: Get The Balance Right

Wes and Robert swap takes on Lindy Ruff, Bowness hockey, and the value of tournament experience in a show that serves everything but breakfast.

There’s so much about this season that Dallas Stars fans would rather forget. This podcast will remember it for you.

Wes and Robert have many, many takes on everything from John Klingberg to their great-grandmothers’ cookie apothecary jars, and they share them in a ’cast that’s all about using the right ingredients at the right time...which, coincidentally, is one of the challenges the Stars face as they prepare to Return to Play.

In this episode:

  • reflections on the Lindy Ruff era, and how it echoes into Bowness hockey,
  • a good talk about who are the Stars’ biggest rivals, and who are just the teams we really, really want them to beat,
  • how the right combination of tournament veterans and stupid kids could propel the Stars to postseason success,
  • and why no one should sleep on Tyler Seguin./

CD, DVD, or LP? Discuss.

(Narrator: They did not buy the rights to “It’s Now Or Never.”)

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