Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 112: Stay Close

The Stars may not be “as good” as the Tampa Bay Lightning...and yet look more and more like their match. Wes and Robert discuss why.

It’s the Dallas Stars. Anything can happen, for better and otherwise. So is a 1-1 Stanley Cup Final series a fair representation of what they can do?

Well, yes and no. Wes and Robert take stock of Dallas’ dominant play and undisciplined penalties, as well as the surprising gaps in the general excellence of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

How many calculated risks can the Stars take to pull the Bolts off their game? How much more offense can they hang on a Vezina-winning goalie? What do they have to do to keep this series close enough to win? And will they win or lose on whether they can stop waiting on a spark from their depth players and get their thoroughbreds galloping?

All this, and the tough-but-fair appraisal of Tampa’s negative-goal differential you expect from a DBD podcast – it’s here in a brand-new edition of Afterwords: Happy Hour.

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