Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 111: Shooting Stars And Nuts And Bolts

The Stars already know how to beat a team that’s supposed to be THAT MUCH better than them. Wes and Robert discuss how they can do it against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Dallas Stars just finished a team that was supposed to have them beaten top to bottom, so 1) get that fluke talk out of your mouth, and 2) they clearly know how to handle skill and can turn on some of their own (Miro Heiskanen says hey).

Wes and Robert take a moment to anticipate the way forward, and they note that the Tampa Bay Lightning haven’t faced a team quite like the Stars yet. Can the Victory Green Gang grab all the chances they get? What sort of tactical adjustments will they make? How many games in this series will special teams decide? Does an opponent have any significant opportunity to be creative when they’re dragging Jason Dickinson 180 feet down the ice? And what are the odds that the Stanley Cup Final comes down to a goalie duel?

All this, and the Victor Hedman Wheel of Matchups, is waiting for you in this edition of Afterwords: Nights.

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