Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 143: Center Points

In this edition, Wes and Tyler talked pivots, lines and scoring. It might have gotten weird. Stick around.

After last week’s gripping discussion of the Dallas Stars’ options at the sixth-defender position, Wes and Tyler decided to get deep into the weeds with the latest podcast. And what better way to shed light on the thankless and invisible work of making a team run than by tackling a discussion of...centers?

This season, there’s a Stieg Larsson level of intrigue involved in reading which Stars will take the pivot position. This week’s discussion revolves around questions like these:

  • Who is the Stars’ No. 1 center right now?
  • Does a team need one when it has that forward who’s basically a cheat code on skates?
  • Speaking of Tyler Seguin, can he do the team more good at wing this year?
  • And what will Peak Segs look like after nearly an entire season off, for better or otherwise?
  • Is Jamie Benn a legitimate long-term option at pivot?
  • What are the pros and cons of placing The Captain on what may end up as a checking line?
  • Is Radek Faksa due for a bounce-back year?
  • And can the new forward lines recapture the high-scoring ways that made the Bubble Run so much fun?/

How negative are your Stars tweets? Get in – we’re going Stargazing.

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